Payment Terms

These Payment Terms (“Payment Terms” or “these Terms”) applies to and governs Universe Stationery Co., Ltd.(“the company”, “we” or “us”), registered in Korea, operating the Storynation, Avatarnation, and Mainovel service(Hereinafter "Storynation", "Avatarnation" and “Mainovel” are collectively referred to as "Service"), as well as all related websites, networks, applications, and other services provided by us.
Payment Terms are intended to prescribe rights, obligations, responsibilities, and other necessary matters between the company and its member(“you”) regarding the use of paid services within the Service. Matters not prescribed in Payment Terms and the interpretation of Payment Terms shall be governed by the relevant laws and regulations.
1. Definition

① The term used in Payment Terms is defined as follows
A. The term "paid service" means the various paid digital contents provided by the company within Service and all related service, and all related online, offline service to use the contents.
B. The term "member" means a person who enters a use contract with the company by agreeing to these terms and uses paid services provided by the company or the seller.
C. The term "coin" means the data on the Service that a member can obtain through cash payment within the service or through provision by the company. If the coin is not used until five years after the last use date, it may be extinguished according to the relevant laws and regulations. But in the case of coins provided free of charge, it may be extinguished according to the company's policy.
D. The term "subscription" means one of the types of paid services, which automatically pays the usage fee on a specific period such as a month or year and automatically renews the usage period.

2. Notice

① The company displays the following information on the initial screen or FAQ of the paid service in an easy way for members to understand.
A. Title of paid service
B. Contents, usage methods, usage fees, and other conditions of use of paid services

3. Contract for Use

① The time of establishment of the contract for use shall be the time when the purchase, payment, or charging is indicated in the application process.
② The company may refuse to accept or withhold consent if a user's application for use falls under any of the following subparagraphs.
A. If the name is not real name or the name of another person is used.
B. If false information is entered or the requirements of the company are not entered.
C. Where a minor intends to use a paid service that is prohibited under the relevant laws.
D. If there is no room for service-related facilities, or if there is a technical or business problem,
E. In the event of a service failure or a service fee payment method failure
F. Where it is deemed impossible to accept the application for use due to other reasons equivalent to each of the above subparagraphs.
③ In order for members to use paid services, they must agree to these terms and pay the usage fee according to the conditions of each service.

4. Special Rule for Minors

We notify that if a minor member under the age of 19 intends to use a paid service, the minor him/herself or its legal representative can cancel the contract if the minor does not obtain approval by legal representative before or after signing the contract, and if a minor member enters into a contract for use paid service without the consent of the legal representative, the minor him/herself or the legal representative may cancel the contract.
However, the contract cannot be canceled if a minor member enters into a contract for use paid service with property that the legal representative has allowed to dispose of, or if the minor deceives him or her as an adult or has the consent of the legal representative.

5. Commencement of Use

① The company starts the paid service from the time when the company accepts member's application. However, some services start on the specified date.
② If a paid service cannot be launched due to a business or technical failure of the company, it shall be announced on the application or website, or notified to the members.

6. Payment Method

① Members may use paid services as the following means of payment, and means of payment may be added later.
A. “Coin” prescribed in Article 1-①-c of these Terms.
B. Other means of payment determined by the company
② Payment for coin purchases can be made by any of the payment methods shown on the payment screen. The member shall perform the procedures required by the payment method in order to use the payment method.
③ Depending on the company's policy and payment method provider's policy, the cumulative monthly payment amount and charging limit of each member may be limited. If the standard is exceeded, additional use of paid services may not be possible.

7. Cancellation of Contract

① Member may withdraw a contract for use of a paid service to the company within seven days from the date of making payment to use the paid service. However, if the company does not provide paid services or does provide paid services to the members contrary to the previous agreement, the member may withdraw the contract for use of paid services to the company within three months from the date of payment or 30 days from the date that the member knows or might know the facts.
② Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, members' withdrawal of contract for use is restricted if they are not disturbed by indicating that they are impossible to withdraw a contract for use in any of the following cases or providing information on test-use products or digital contents.
A. When the provision of digital content is initiated. However, in the case of a contract composed of fractional services or fractional digital contents, this is not the case for the part where the provision has not been initiated.
B. In the case that goods, etc. are lost or damaged due to reasons responsible to the member.
C. In the case that the value of goods, etc. has significantly decreased due to the use or partial consumption of members.
D. In the case that the value of goods, etc. has decreased significantly to the extent that it is difficult to resell over time.
E. In the case that the packaging of reproducible goods, etc. is damaged.
F. In the case that the company is expected to suffer irreparable serious damage if the withdrawal of contract for use is recognized for goods, etc. produced individually or similar goods, and the fact is notified in advance and consent is obtained in writing of the member (including electronic documents and in-service systems).

8. Refunds

① In principle, the company shall refund the payment in the same method as the payment within three business days from the date of receipt of the expression of intention to withdraw the contract for use of the paid service from the member. However, there may be differences in the refund method and refundable period for each individual payment method, such as when the company notified the members by e-mail or service application or website in advance, and in each case below.
A. If there is an explicit expression of intention of the member.
B. For Apple in-app payments, follow the Apple Media Service Terms and Conditions.
C. For Google Play in-app payments, follow the Google Payments Terms of Service.
D. In the case of payment methods that require confirmation of receipt, including credit cards, within three business days from the date of confirmation of receipt.
E. In the case of refund through account transfer, refund is not possible if the name of the depositor of the financial institution account to be refunded is different from the name of the member information registered in the service.
F. If the member does not immediately provide the company with the information and materials necessary for the refund processing.
G. In the case of a refund that has passed the relevant deadline, the business operator for each payment method has previously set a deadline for suspension of billing or cancellation of payment through an agreement with the company.
② In the case of a coin refund, a refund fee (10% of the coin amount requested for refund or 1 USD, whichever is larger) can be deducted and refunded, but in the case of a refund attributable to the company, the refund fee is not deducted.
③ If the company and the person(or other company) who received the payment for the use of the paid service are not same, the company and the person(or other company) who received the payment for the use of the service shall be jointly responsible for the performance of obligations related to withdrawal of contract, cancellation of contract, or refund of payment due to cancellation.

9. Subscriptions

① For subscriptions through Apple in-app payment, the Apple Media Service Terms and Conditions are followed in a use of service.
② For subscriptions through Google Play in-app payments, Google Payments Terms of Service are followed in a use of service.
③ For members who have already purchased/subscribed to a recurring payment service, changes may be applied following the Company's policy either after the completion of the current billing period or immediately upon request. In the former scenario, the new pricing plan will be billed to the member at the time of the renewal application. In the latter scenario, the difference between the new and the old pricing plan will be billed at the time the change is applied.
④ In the case of paid services that are being paid on a regular basis according to the member's application or consent, if the member's fee is overdue, the right to use the service may be automatically terminated, so members who want to maintain the regular payment service should take measures in advance to prevent overdue fees or payment methods.
⑤ The effect of terminating or canceling the contract of subscribtions occurs immediately after the end of the payment period.

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